Cooking most of your food yourself needn’t be complicated, and it needn’t depend on recipes, necessarily.

Heart-Healthy Foods Without Recipes

Published 2020

When her husband survived a “widowmaker” heart attack, Judith M. Stolz decided to make significant changes in the way she and her family ate and prepared meals. She desired to prepare healthy meals, but she didn’t want to subject her loved ones to tasteless, uninspiring food.

Then she discovered the Mediterranean Diet, and her whole perspective changed. She was also determined to cook from the heart, and that meant cooking through general guidelines and techniques, not recipes. Through years of nutrition research and cooking experience, she’s been able to compile her wisdom into a single collection of good advice.

Heart-Healthy Foods Without Recipes takes the reader on an educational journey where they’ll learn to feel freed up from the constant reliance on recipes and start regaining control over what and how much to eat. This 290-page volume offers helpful guidance on how to practice self-defense shopping and the best practices for food selection, storage, and preparation.

In this volume, Stolz combines her interest in cooking with her journalism training to create a legacy of useful information about eating well. If you want to prepare tasty meals for loved ones that are also good for them, this book is a great place to start.

A peek inside

Excerpt from page

Excerpt from page

She provided brochures, recommendations, and encouragement. We eagerly added materials, until the notebook was two inches thick.

Based on information I’d found, we had already begun eating less red meat and sodium, two significant components of the typical Western diet. When we returned home, I immediately went to the pantry, scrutinized the Nutrition Facts labels of all the canned and boxed products, and threw out everything that contained sodium beyond the dietitian’s recommendations.

Excerpt from page

A widowmaker almost got my husband. A clog in a critical junction of blood vessels across the front of his heart would have killed him had he not been in the emergency room of our local hospital when it happened. Two shocks with a defibrillator, lots of drugs, and an angioplasty gave him a second chance. Others haven’t been so lucky; heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.

The hospital dietitian tried hard to teach us about the appropriate diet for a heart patient with hypertension.

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Mediterranean cuisine, specifically that of the Greek isle of Crete in the 1960s, with its reliance on plant-based foods, fish, and olive oil, offers a delicious alternative to the animal-based dishes that prevail in our Western tradition.

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What now? I thought. The prospect of bland foods, plain vegetables, and artificial ingredients took the fun out of trying to prepare interesting meals. I was looking ahead to food as tasteless as water-soaked cardboard for the rest of our lives. In fact, I was downright depressed.

Then Nancy Harmon Jenkin’s book, The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, opened a new world to me. The “Mediterranean diet” has come to be considered the gold standard of healthful eating patterns.

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Words from the client

I couldn’t be happier with the results of my collaboration with the team at Legacy Preservation. With a background in publishing, I had high hopes for my book, and I was not disappointed. From the initial discussion on, I felt comfortable. The team members were easy to work with, responsive to my ideas, and professional throughout the lengthy, detailed process of taking a manuscript and creating a beautiful book that is bringing me many compliments. The follow-up support for sales continues our relationship and my satisfaction.

– Judith M. Stolz, author

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