Our Services

Preserving your legacy is more than just recording stories. We will guide you through the process in every detail as we conduct interviews, dive into research, repair old photographs and write your history for future generations.

  • Interviewing

    At the heart of our work, our most basic (and necessary) service is a client interview. Living people are still our most direct links to the past, and we believe passionately in gathering their memories. We record these encounters to preserve them for future generations.

  • Research

    Using even the tiniest details, our certified archivist and research team can mine for any available information about your family. We use birth and death indexes, social security records, passenger logs, church histories, enlistment cards, land titles and more to help fill in any gaps in your history.

  • Writing and Editing

    The interview and research phases help us capture your story, but the best way to bring the story to life is through great writing. We write your history based on an outline that you approve, and the best part is that you have the final say on content. If you come to us with a diary or memoir, we’ll edit the content as appropriate.

  • Publishing

    When it’s time to go to the presses, we will help you select the most appropriate printing and binding options to suit your needs, whether you want to print five or 500 books.

  • Transcription

    For each client interview we conduct, we produce an edited transcript. These transcripts become the basis for your book’s content and serve as a reminder of your family’s primary source recollections.

  • Photo Scanning and Restoration

    Using high-quality digital scanners, we scan and catalog your collection of family photos. Our graphic artist will digitally restore old and damaged photos, and we provide our clients with a disc containing the images at your project’s conclusion

  • Book Design

    Combining written text and photos, our graphic artist will tastefully design a book that captures the essence of your family or business history. Whether you prefer a book that’s full of antique photos and pedigree information or colorful images of the current generation, one thing is certain–your book will reflect you.

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