Why Capture Your Legacy?

As each generation passes, your collection of memories will gain in value to your family. It's about telling your heirs who you are and where you came from, what you believe and why. It's not just your legacy, it's their history.

Why preserve your legacy?


Your legacy is the bridge between generations. Your stories tell about your unique life experiences and lessons. They also tell about the era in which you have lived. Your grandchildren live in a very different world than the one you grew up in, and they can benefit from the story of your life and times.

The same is true for your business. If it was started in an earlier generation, then it has been built on a set of values and lessons that led to its success. It has an identity–a culture–that new employees aren’t aware of.

Your life story or the evolution of your business – both create enduring value for those who come after you. Your stories connect you to the past and the future. They embody your personal legacy.

Why preserve your legacy? So it will live on. It is the history of your family or your company. Both will find enduring value in the stories only you can leave behind.

If you don’t tell your story, who will?