David Harding

David Harding’s career path has been nearly as wide as it is long. Construction worker, waiter, radio announcer, television equipment operator, documentary producer and engineer, news reporter, radio station manager, legislative aide, public information officer, freelance writer and editor, book publisher.

Most of these jobs have had one thing in common—they involve the care and handling of words. Dave lived for a while in an Alaskan Eskimo community and was struck by the importance of storytelling in Eskimo culture. It led him to explore his own family roots, discovering pioneers who helped settle the plains. Their stories added a new dimension to his sense of family and place.

After he brought his wife and kids back to Omaha in 1996, he started a family history service to help celebrate the heritage of other families, producing 25 books before he teamed up with Jim Fogarty and Bob Mundy to create Legacy Preservation LLC.

David still visits Alaska occasionally and still marvels at the power of story to connect people across the generations.